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Young Farmers of Milwaukee

Young Farmers of Milwaukee

The Young Farmers of Milwaukee is a program of Groundwork Milwaukee that helps area high school kids raise veggies in Kilbourn Gardens for local families and deliver shares on a subscription basis.

They will be hosting their Summer Celebration in Kilbourn Gardens this Saturday, June 7.

They will start in the gardens at 10AM, when they will be working on garden projects with the help of their clients and any gardeners who would like to join them.

At Noon, they will serve a light lunch to anyone who wants to join in, then get the party started!

CD Release Party with Universal Love Band
The party will feature music by the Universal Love Band. They are celebrating the release of their second CD, World Be Free. The music will happen from Noon until 2PM. I hope you will join the fun and celebration in the gardens – Happy Summer!

Universal Love Band

Universal Love Band


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I just finished assigning all the applicants and responding to folks who requested extra beds. It’s looking good – unless someone is lost in the system (WHICH MIGHT HAPPEN, GIVEN THE “SYSTEM”) everyone should have a first bed and those of you who requested one, as second as well.


We have some beds left:
6 (six) 4′ x 8′ beds
4 (four) 4′ x 20’long beds
2 (two) 4′ x 8′ beds that we’re working on repairing, which might be available a little later
4 (four) accessible raised beds along the sidewalk on the west side of the garden

If you know other people who haven’t applied and think it’s too late, let them know they can still get in.

If you haven’t heard from me, or if you requested a second bed and didn’t hear back, please email me at socialsolutionsMKE@gmail.com.

If you want a second bed and haven’t asked yet, send an email and let me know.

Woot! Looks like a “full house” in Kilbourn once again!

A Few More Points:
* The water is now on. We’re working on getting the hoses fine-tuned, but they are out and available. Please remember to turn off the water at the hydrant if you are the last one to leave the garden.
* I will have a wheelbarrow in the garden on Sunday (today) and will pick it up in the early evening. I’ll bring a few shovels out as well, but probably best to plan to bring some tools if you’re topping off your bed today.
* There is a pile of wood chips in the garden. If you feel motivated, you can pull out the weeds in the paths around your bed and fill in with some fresh wood chips. We sometimes have volunteers to do this in “one fell swoop” but that doesn’t always happen, so any help you can give will be appreciated. Back, Creeping Charlie! Back!
* Check out the Riverwest Currents to read about Shakespeare in the Park coming up in June. More info coming soon on a garden celebration we’re planning later this month.

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