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We Have Water!

Water Works has hooked up our hydrant! We’re getting the hoses set up today, so there should be water, barring complications.

Also, I have just a few applications left to process and assign, so I HOPE to get that done today so everyone can get in their beds. If you have applied and not heard from me, please email socialsolutionsmke@gmail.com. I hope no one has fallen through the cracks…

I will have a couple of wheelbarrows at the garden this afternoon (Saturday) so people can use them. I will take them home tonight, then put them back out tomorrow morning.

ANOTHER NOTE ON WATER – Please be sure to turn the water off if you are the last person to leave and no one else is using it. Thanks!


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Hey! We’ve got soil over at Kilbourn! We threw some tarps on it to protect it from the thunderstorms today, but it’s ready for gardeners who want to weed and top off their beds!

green tarp

blue tarp

Overall, it’s looking pretty weedy out there. But remember, dandelions are the first food of spring for our honeybees, so don’t worry about ’em. You might want to get them out before they go to seed, though.

Here's an overall view of the garden, with the piles of soil toward North Avenue.

Here’s an overall view of the garden, with the piles of soil toward North Avenue.

A few of you have already got started on planting. This bed looks nice!


And then there are the beds that just look cute…

tulip bunny

Okay… I’m off to check the emails and see if anybody got missed. Seriously, if you haven’t heard from me and wonder if you got a bed, email socialsolutionsmke@gmail.com. Also, add that email to your contacts list so my emails to you don’t go to your trash or spam files.

See you in the garden!

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Hey folks! I THINK I just finished wrapping up garden assignments for 2014!

Also, the first of our soil was supposed to be dropped off yesterday (Saturday, May 17). So you should be able to start topping off your gardens and getting seeds in the ground.

IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD FROM ME, that means there’s trouble somewhere in the system. If you have applied and not gotten notified of your garden bed assignment, email me right away at socialsolutionsmke@gmail.com

SOME OF YOU want accessible beds, and you will be hearing from me later today or tomorrow (I have to go out there and put special numbers on the beds so they can get assigned right.

ALSO, there ARE some extra beds available. So if you want a second bed (and haven’t gotten it on the first go-round) or if you have friends who still want beds, let me know!

ALSO ALSO, we have a short list of beds that NEED REPAIR. I haven’t assigned those beds – we will be working on them during the summer. IF YOUR GARDEN BED needs repair, let me know and I can assign you a different one and get yours on our repairs list.

Whew! That’s it for now. I’m going to go get in the sunshine and WORK IN MY GARDEN! Yay!

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Okay, so I am now alerting past gardeners who have not gotten in touch with me that I am reassigning their beds.

I am also assigning beds to new gardeners, so they should be hearing from me today and tomorrow.

If you have heard from me that I have reserved your bed, you can start this weekend to top off your beds and start planting. We SHOULD have soil in there Friday evening (May 9 – tomorrow). Watch for it…

Email with questions – socialsolutionsMKE@gmail.com

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Okay! Just finished sending out individual emails to everyone from 2013 that I had email contacts for – almost everyone!

I’ve already had a lot of responses from emails I sent out last night. I have high hopes that I’ll hear back from the majority by Wednesday, May 7. After that, if I don’t hear back, I’m reassigning the beds to new gardeners.

I have been able to assign second beds to folks who had two beds last year, if you wanted them. I’ll be looking at requests for second beds for this year after all the new gardeners have at least one bed.

Meanwhile, I’ll turn my attention to getting some soil in by next Saturday, May 10 so we can top off our beds and get started planting.


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Hi folks! I’ve decided to breathe life into our blog once more! I know many people have come to this blog looking for us, and it’s been inactive since (gasp!) like 2011. HOWEVER, this year we’ll be doing a little more with our blog – and I hope some of you folks will want to post as well.

As of today I’m sending out emails to individual gardeners from 2013 to see if they want to renew for 2014. I recently realized that bulk emails from our gmail account drops straight into trash for most of you, so individual emails seem like the only way to go. If you don’t hear from me by Monday, May 5, give me a holler on the blog or email me at socialsolutionsmke@gmail.com.

I hope to have the gardens pretty much assigned by Saturday, May 10, so people can start topping off their beds. We should have soil, provided the ground dries off enough that the truck can get in. So – more posts soon. I promise!

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