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Last weekend we had some great volunteers in the garden from IBM. They worked side-by-side with our interns, and we managed to get a LOT of work done!

We finished filling our new garden beds, and put down wood chips around them. We planted two of the new beds, designated as intern beds, and buried ollas in them.

We also FINISHED one of the dirt piles and ALL of the woodchips! These areas are now reseeded and on their way back to grass lawn.

After lunch, we had a discussion about water, how it moves on the surface of our planet, in the atmosphere and under the ground. This discussion was led by Kristina, co-director of the internship program and Riverwest’s secret hydrologist.

What’s Coming Up This Weekend?
We have something different planned for this Saturday, June 25. The interns will be at the garden at 9AM as usual. We will check on our beds, water as necessary, and take data on the observational experiments we’re conducting.

After that we are going to move to one of the “satellite” gardens – the Clarke Foods garden at Clarke and Bremen. We’ll be working on a project there for the morning, and will eat lunch over there as well. If anyone wants to join us, please feel free to stop by.

Next Saturday, July 2, we will be taking the day off because of the Holiday weekend. No project day then, but we’ll be back in the garden on Saturday, July 9, and there will be lots to do!

See you in the garden.


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Hooray! We have water!

I’m sure most of you have noticed the connection to the hydrant. Once again, we have access for another season. Yay, Water Works!

You’ve probably also noticed the fancy meter hookup that was not there last year. It’s there because we are doing a study with the city, to learn more about exactly how much water per square foot community gardens generally use.

That’s why I’m calling on any of our gardeners who are also geeky enough to love data.

We are having our interns take readings from the meter every Saturday. However, if anyone else would like to volunteer to read the meter and record the reading any time they are in the garden, that would be great. No need to commit to any specific schedule – just need to record whenever you come by. I’ll have more info later – please send me an email if you would like me to send you a recording form.

We’re having our usual intern day in the garden this Saturday, plus we are welcoming a group of volunteers from IBM. See you in the garden!

Project Day
Saturday, June 18 9AM to Noon
Pot Luck Lunch

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Do you think it’s too early to start harvesting veggies? Think again! Look at this great buttercrunch lettuce from the Clarke Foods garden. Probably some of you have lettuce like this in your beds – and the spinach and radishes look great, too! Don’t miss harvest time – it’s all the time!

It’s very important that you wash your harvested vegetables. It’s best to wash leafy greens like lettuce twice and even three times in clean water. Separating the heads of lettuce into individual leaves is a good way to make sure your get all the sand out from the very bottoms of the leaves. It’s not pleasant to bite into your BLT and hear a “crunch” that didn’t come from the toast.

After the lettuce is clean, a good way to store it is in a zip top bag. You can put a paper towel or napkin in the bottom of the bag, then set the leaves upright with the base against the towel. Water drips off the leaves and soaks the paper towel. Then the leaves reabsorb the water as they need it – just like a flower in a vase. Put the bag in your refrigerator so the leaves are upright, and you can store leafy greens for a week or more and they will stay crunchy and fresh.

Of course, you won’t want to do that because there’s more lettuce out in the garden – eat that lettuce as soon as it’s chilled and crunchy, then go get some more!

Don’t forget, project day tomorrow!

Project Day
Saturday, June 11, 9AM to Noon
Join the Interns for a Pot Luck Lunch!

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So, gardeners… I have mucho conflicts tonight, and can’t get to the garden to hook up the hose. Weather report says it’s gonna rain tonight and cool off, and it wasn’t terribly hot today, so I think we’ll be okay. The soil was actually wetter underneath than I expected today – most of the plants are looking pretty good.

Hey – anybody who has RADISHES or SPINACH or LETTUCE should check their gardens. I saw some delicious-looking stuff out there! Funny to think about harvest already, but you can really get some yummy new veggies for your salads if you go grab it now!

See you in the garden this Saturday. And we should be hooked up to the hydrant by then!

Project Day
Saturday, June 11
9AM to Noon – Potluck with the Interns!

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Many gardeners are concerned about water, and we should have the hydrant hooked up this week – we’ll get the hose hooked up as soon as the hydrant is available.

Meanwhile, we had the hose hooked up to the COA outbuilding on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon over the weekend. It rained on Monday, so we were okay then.

I will come to the garden tonight (Tuesday, June 7) after 5PM to hook up the hose again so we can water once it cools off a little bit. We’ll get through it!

See you in the garden.

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At last! It’s June and the weather is less terrible… What a cold, wet Spring we had!

We’ll be in the garden tomorrow, as always, from 9AM until 1PM. We’ll be having a lunch for our interns, and anyone is welcome to join. Bring a dish to pass, or just yourselves. We’ll be working on adding in a few more beds, topping off any beds that are remaining, and putting down wood chips and clearing weeds from the paths.

We also plan to do a “walk around” the garden tomorrow, and see if there are any beds that haven’t been touched yet. I know some of you emailed me that you’re getting a late start because of various obligations – that’s fine. But since we do have a waiting list we’ll be contacting folks who haven’t gotten into their beds yet and make sure they still want them.

So come on over to the garden. It’ll be fun, as usual…

Project Day
Saturday, June 4
9AM to 1PM
Join our potluck lunch – bring a dish to pass if you wish

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