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Once again, thanks to all the gardeners who turned out to lend a hand as we continue the work of weeding, filling beds and putting down wood chips. We’re making real progress! A couple more good work days and we should be done with those chores for the year.

We also had a great lunch and a brief garden meeting to air any concerns at noon on Saturday. Primary concern expressed so far was “where’s the water?” We’re working on that, and hope to have a hook up next week. Thanks to all the patient gardeners who have been hauling water to wet down seed and transplants.

We will be having more garden meetings throughout the season to address issues as they arise.

Welcome Interns!
Last Saturday we welcomed the 2011 class of Community Garden at Kilbourn Park Garden Interns. We have nine interns, high school age and above for our class this summer. They will be in the garden every Saturday, 9AM to noon, from now until August. Come say “hello!”

Also, you might want to check out the new Garden Intern Blog. It’s listed in the “Blogroll” section in the column on the right hand side of the page.

We have a “Young Farmers of Kilbourn Park” blog that’s new as well. Check out that new program on the “Blogroll” at the right.

Also welcome this week to our newest friends from the Joshua Glover House. As always, they bring a welcome willingness and enthusiasm to their times in the garden. We arranged for them to have three garden ollas in their bed, so they can participate in the experiment we’re doing with this new/old irrigation technology.

We’ll be back in the garden next Saturday. Watch for updated blog posts and emails. See you in the garden!


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It looks like showers again for Saturday morning, but we will be in the garden rain or shine. Our internship program starts this weekend, and we will be building and installing some additional beds, filling them with soil, continuing to weed and top off the rest of the beds and putting down the everlasting wood chips on our paths.

We could use your help in the garden if you can come and lend a hand. We need help with assembling the garden beds and moving them from the COA parking lot to the garden site. We also need some help with rest of our tasks – we need to get those piles of dirt and chips out of there as quickly as possible.

Pot Luck and Garden Meeting
We will be having a lunch for our interns on Saturday at noon, so if you would like to bring a dish to pass you could join us and make it a pot luck.

We would also like to have a meeting of as many gardeners as possible, to discuss any issues you may have about the garden. If you have issues about theft of garden vegetables, bunnies or bugs, damage in the garden or other problems you would like to air, this would be the time. We can discuss them and work together to come up with some solutions to make our community garden a better place for everyone.

See you in the garden!

Project Day, Pot Luck and Garden Meeting
Saturday, May 28
Project Day – 9AM to Noon
Pot Luck and Garden Meeting – Noon to 1:30PM

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It looks like we might have some showers tomorrow, but at least it looks like it will be warmer.

Rain or shine, we’ll be in the garden with tools and wheelbarrows for anyone who wants to come and top off beds and put down wood chips. We’ll also be hosting our Internship Program Orientation from Noon to 2, so the tools will still be available while that’s going on.

Come on out and meet our 2011 class of Garden Interns, get a start on your garden, and help out on our overall garden projects.

See you in the garden!

Project Day
Saturday, May 21
9AM to Noon

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Despite our attempts to live in denial, the truth is it was COLD and RAINY and WINDY last Saturday morning in the garden. Nevertheless, we got a bunch of work done! Hooray for the intrepid gardeners and AmeriCorp volunteers who came to help weed, put down wood chips and top off our beds.

Long Beds
We did a lot of work on the “long beds” to give our organizations a head start on the season. Notice the garden ollas.

One Pile Down!
We finished off one pile of wood chips, raked up the last of them and put down grass seed. This is our new “standard procedure” for finishing off piles of wood chips and soil. It should make a big difference in bringing the grass back. Notice the lovely fog and rain in the background? Makes Milwaukee look like San Francisco!

Creeping Charlie
Yikes! Creeping charlie is taking over the paths of our first year garden. We pulled up these huge mats of it and threw them on the compost berm to the west of the garden. Then a thick layer of wood chips, and the world of the garden paths is a safer place.

Back At It!
We’ll be back out in the garden this Saturday, May 21, from 9AM to Noon as usual. With any luck it will be a little more like May and a little less like November this weekend! We’ll continue our tasks of topping off beds, putting down wood chips and cutting wood to size for garden beds throughout the neighborhood. Come and help – or just lean on a rake and hang out – if you can.

See you in the garden!

Project Day
Saturday, May 21
9AM – Noon

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Hey gardeners! Project day tomorrow – come and top off your garden beds, plant, do a few loads of wood chips, lean on a shovel and gossip! Good times.

I’ll be there by 9AM with rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows.

We will have some volunteers to help us tomorrow, so we’re hoping to get a lot done. Plus we will be working with the wood over in the COA parking lot. Fun for everyone!

Project Day
Saturday, May 14
9 – Noon (or until we want to stop)
Top off beds, put down wood chips, work on cutting up wood, have fun!

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We had a great time in the garden last Saturday! Thanks to the thirty-plus gardeners who came out to top off their beds and get a start on planting.

Ollas In The Garden

Brad Neu brought some of his hand-thrown ollas over to the garden, and three gardeners got them installed. He will be back with more of them next Saturday, May 14, so come prepared. If you ordered ollas on-line, he will have them for you on Saturday. If you can’t make it next Saturday, he will have them there on subsequent Saturdays as well. Watch the blog for more info.

Brad is selling his garden ollas on a sliding scale – $10 to $20.

Wood Project

We’re also cutting up the wood that we had donated from Bliffert Lumber this year. We will be using the wood to add a few more beds to the garden, and to build some beds in city-lot sized gardens elsewhere in Riverwest.

Michael Pettit got a good start on the wood cutting project last Saturday, and we managed to get a lot of the wood moved to its new home. We’re hoping to finish up with that part of the project this coming Saturday.

Frequently Asked Question:
What About Water?

Yes, we will have water this summer. We’re working with Water Works to get a dedicated hook-up installed at the COA bathroom and storage building. BUT… if we don’t get that in time we will have access to our hydrant again this year. Stay tuned.

We will have water by the end of the month. Water Works doesn’t like to hook up the hydrants until the end of May because of the danger of frost. If you have plantings that need watering before then, please carry in some water for them. We’ll get the hoses hooked up as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget – Project Day This Saturday

We’re planning a big project day for this Saturday, May 14. We are scheduled to have help from some enthusiastic AmeriCorp volunteers, so I’m hoping we can make some serious progress on topping off all our beds and getting our wood chips distributed. Maybe we can even get our new beds set up.

The long-term forecast is for rain showers, but here’s hoping we can still get a good amount of work done.

See you in the garden!

Project Day
Saturday, May 14
9AM until we want to stop

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We Got Dirt!
Woot! We got soil this afternoon (Friday, May 6). So we are set for you if you want to come and top off your bed and start planting tomorrow. I’ll be there at 9AM with wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes, so come on over!

Continuing Wood Chip Project
There are also wood chips, so if you can stay for a while and help with putting a few more wheelbarrows full of wood chips down on the paths, that would be great as well.

Cutting Up Wood for Garden Beds
We also got wood donated for some more garden beds, both for us and for some other gardens in the neighborhood. Tomorrow morning Michael Pettit will be coming over to the COA parking lot and setting up his chop saw and sawhorses to start working on cutting the wood to size. If you wish, you could also help him out with that project.

Anybody Got a Pickup Truck We Can Use?
We also need to distribute some of our wood to various other garden sites. Does anybody have a pickup truck that we could use for the morning tomorrow? If so, could you email me at socialsolutionsmke@gmail.com? Thank you!

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