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Wow, what a snow! Most of us have now dug out ourselves and our cars – I’ve seen a lot of stalwart Riverwesters on their bicycles, decked out with snow goggles and serious-looking bike tires.

The gardens are buried deep. It’s good for the water table to get this much precipitation in the winter. If you’re like me, you’re getting more and more of those beautiful seed catalogs to drool over.

Garden Blog Updates
The combination of inactivity and active imagination has led me to do some updates on our Garden Blog. If you click on the “2011” tab on the top of the page, it will show you two pages, the “2011 Garden Application” page and the “Garden Rules – Updates 2011” Page.

The Application page has links to two versions of the 2011 application, one that can be filled out and emailed back, and the other that was designed to be printed out and filled out by hand – one or the other should work!

The Garden Rules page has been updated from our first pass at it in 2009. It was just upgraded to reflect how things actually happen – it’s more a description of how we operate than actual “rules.” Take a look at it, and if you have any suggestions or corrections, be sure to let us know.

Upcoming Events
There are some fun and interesting events planned for the next few weeks. Mark your calendar and beat the cabin fever with some garden-related activities!

Milwaukee Urban Gardens
Community Gardening Workshop
Saturday, February 19, 10AM – Noon
Urban Ecology Center
1500 E Park Place

MUG, the organization that holds the lease for the Community Garden at Kilbourn Park, is celebrating ten years of serving gardeners in our city. They are planning events every month for their anniversary year, so come check them out, learn about them, and bring your friends who want to learn more about gardening.

This first event, the Community Gardening Workshop, might be stuff that all of us “old hands” at Kilbourn Garden already know. It will be about how to start a community garden, what steps to take, who you need to talk to, that sort of thing. If you would like to know more about how a community garden works, or would be interested in branching out and starting a new garden somewhere else in the neighborhood, come to this workshop. It’s always fun to get to know other gardeners, too!

Seed and Plant Swap
Saturday, March 12, 1 – 5PM
Falcon Bowl
801 E Clarke (& Fratney)

This is going to be a fun event. Our own Theresa Kenney is organizing it, and she is planning a format based on “speed dating.” She’s calling it “seed dating,” and people will get a chance to move around the room and talk to everybody about seeds. So bring seeds you want to trade or share, or extra plants if you’re starting some in February. Even if you don’t have things to swap, just come – sometimes people with extra just want to share, and you can learn a lot talking to other gardeners. There will be entertainment and snacks, and Kilbourn Garden will have a table there if you want to fill out your application form and/or make your annual contribution.

Grow Your Own Groceries
March and April

These workshops are still in the planning stages. Watch for more details at the MUG website: milwaukeeurbangardens.org

Spring Clean Up
Saturday, April 16

It’s not too early to put this on your calendar! The annual Spring Clean Up, held in conjunction with Earth Day, brings out about 400 eager young volunteers from Marquette University. We usually plan a big clean-up start-up day in the garden for that day, and it kicks off our Saturday Project Days. Spring is coming…


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