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Winter News…

Deep snow blankets our garden today, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the 2011 season. Even in the depths of winter, some exciting new plans are taking shape.

Compost Workshop
Three of our gardeners are planning to take the upcoming Growing Power composting workshops, thanks to generous scholarships from Milwaukee Urban Gardens, Riverwest Health Initiative and our own Garden Fund. We’ll keep you posted as we start to plan new ways to make soil in the city.

This is a GREAT honor – our Community Garden has been selected as one of three finalists for the greenspace category of the MANDI (Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Innovation). These awards, given for the past 12 years by LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) are very well respected in the community. The winners will be announced at a big awards dinner in March.

Each of the finalists will have a short video made about their project. If you would like to be interviewed for inclusion in the video, please respond to the post or contact us at SocialSolutionsMKE@gmail.com

We will be having another internship program in the garden this summer. Last year was a great success, with all 11 interns completing the program. Watch for a new “Interns” section of the blog, coming soon.

SEED Exchange
We’re helping plan a city-wide seed exchange to be held right here in the Riverwest neighborhood. It’s going to be fun – we’re planning some entertainment, and setting it up in a kind of speed dating format (Seed-dating – har har har). We hope we can not only exchange some of our seeds, but help gardeners from all over the city get to know each other.

Apply For Your 2011 Garden Plot
Don’t forget, you need to reapply for the 2011 season. Go to the 2011 tab on the blog page, download the application and send it on in. You can apply online and pay us when you get around to it, download the application and send it in via snail mail, or sign up at the SEED Exchange – we’ll remind you when we confirm the date.

Stay tuned for more info. Spring is stirring, under the snow!


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