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First, off, thanks to the gardeners who came to work on wood chips this weekend!

Our interns are working away at them, and we’ll eventually finish the additional layer on last year’s garden paths. Let’s just keep at it…

We’re Getting Press…
If you look at today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, you’ll see an article about an upcoming meeting concerning community gardens using water from city hydrants. The story starts off with a description of our garden.

I just talked to Susan Bence of WUWM, and there’s going to be a story about the water usage meeting on the radio on Wednesday morning.

I hope you’ll all come to the meeting on Wednesday. Here’s the invitation…
Community Meeting FINAL

This is our chance to come up with some great ideas about water use for community gardens in our city. Come and bring your brains…


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Progress! We’ve pretty much finished laying down woodchips on the “orange garden” expansion part. It’s looking pretty good – don’t you agree?

Meanwhile, weeds are poking through last year’s woodchips – this is a never ending battle! We have more woodchips, and have started putting down a new layer in last year’s garden area.

It would be great if we could have one big push to get all – or almost all – of those chips down. We’re supposed to have nice weather next weekend, so maybe we could have a project day on Saturday July 10 and see if we could get those chips laid down.

Come on over and lend a hand. Bring a dish to pass – it’s been a while since we had a get together in the garden. See you there!

Project Day
Saturday, July 10
Big push to finish those wood chips!
Potluck Lunch – Bring a dish to pass

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Hey friends, a couple people have called me and said that someone has been harvesting vegetables from their plots.

Now, I understand that we might have some vandalism, or maybe some hungry person is harvesting food from our gardens.

Let’s just make sure that if you are harvesting food it is from your own plot. Don’t harvest other people’s food, even if you think that the plot is neglected or abandoned. We have had people who have been waiting for something special to ripen, only to arrive and find that it’s gone.

If you have questions about a plot, and want to know if someone has abandoned their plot, please call or email us and we will find out. In the meantime, please, only harvest what you have planted. Thanks, everyone!

Questions? Call Jan at 430-4795 or Kris at 263-8383 ext. 139. Email socialsolutionsmke@gmail.com

See you in the garden!

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Hey everybody, are you staying in town for the holiday weekend? Come on over to the garden on Saturday and spread a couple wheelbarrows full of woodchips, and join us for lunch, as always.

Also, please note that the regular neighborhood celebration with the parade and fireworks is taking place on Monday, July 5. The parade starts at 10:30 with a marching band, kids with decorated bikes, big puppets and politicians in pedicabs.

If you would like to be in the parade – the more the merrier! There will be bike decorating stations set up at St. Casimir’s on Bremen and Clarke Streets and at St. Mary’s on Burleigh and Fratney, starting at 8:30AM on Monday. Bring your kids and your bikes and strollers or whatever, decorate away – we’ve got lots of decorating stuff and some samples for good ideas. Come and join in – this is a real home-made neighborhood event.

The whole 4th (on the 5th) of July event this year has an “Energy Independence Day” theme. So come ride the bicycles that will power the sound system and visit the green exhibits from Power Down Week.

Also, our garden interns will have a booth over at the park after the parade and into the afternoon. We’ll be giving away good food and cool drinks, and asking for donations for the garden internship program. So come over to the park and sample the Sambosas that our interns from Somalia make, and some other tasty treats as well. Support the garden!

Project Day
Wood Chips!
Saturday, July 3, 10AM-2PM
Pot Luck Lunch – Bring a dish to pass!

Energy Independence Day
Monday, July 5
Parade – 10:30-11:15AM
Events in Gordon Park – 11:15AM – Dusk
Dusk – Fireworks!

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