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When I first did this post this afternoon…

…I had just heard that we COULD NOT get soil for Saturday. HOWEVER, things may have changed! I found some soil, but we’re going to have to move it if we want to use it.

So I’m Putting Out The Call…
Does Anyone Have A Pickup Truck We Can Use?

If we can find a pickup truck, we can move some soil and fill some more beds tomorrow. If not, there’s other things we can do…

~ We can finish placing the beds we do have and stake them down.
~ We finished sawing up our wood into manageable pieces (YAY! Thanks everybody!), so we can move them over to the Clarke Street Garden.
~ We might want to slap together a few more frames, since we have the pieces cut, and we really could use a few more garden plots for latecomers.
~ We can welcome our new garden interns.
~ If your bed is ready, you can plant and water.
~ We can pull weeds in the paths between the old beds as we get ready for wood chip delivery.
~ We can even work on designing and building the kiosk we have been talking about to post garden events and notices.
~ We can all enjoy a great potluck lunch and head home early. What say?

And next week, we’ve been PROMISED, we’ll get the rest of our soil…

Community Garden at Kilbourn Park
Project Day
Saturday, May 29
Pot Luck – Bring a dish to pass!


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We SHOULD be getting another load of soil tomorrow. Let’s get out there on Saturday and fill as many of those beds as we can! If your beds are ready, Saturday should be the perfect day to plant. We may need to cut the last of the wood into garden-sized lengths if we don’t get done before. All in all, it should be a great Saturday! See you in the garden…

Community Garden at Kilbourn Park
Project Day
Saturday, May 29
Pot Luck – Bring a dish to pass!

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We made short work of that twenty yards of dirt we got delivered in the garden! There were some strong women (and men) handling those shovels! We had 25 people come and help out – we made great progress toward our goals.

We topped off all of last year’s beds, except where people had already planted. Everyone in the “first circle” from last season should be ready to plant now.

The weather was reminiscent of Northern California, with alternating warm sun and soaking fog. It was perfect weather for a workout.

After a few hours of hard work, we were ready for a delicious lunch. Thank you to everyone who brought food.

Special thanks go to our resident vegan chef Theresa, who whipped up a delicious, hearty Jamaican stew and Caesar salad. Good eats!

We also did final placement on most of the beds in our expansion area. We staked some of them down – some we just filled with dirt. We kept filling until all the dirt was used up.

Looking ahead at the weather for the next ten days, it looks like we can plan (fingers crossed) on getting some more soil this week. Let’s plan on another project day next Saturday.

Victory Garden Blitz
Next Saturday, May 29, is the day of the big Victory Garden Blitz. There are going to be teams of people all over the city installing and planting raised beds in people’s back yards.

If you would like to learn more about the Victory Garden Blitz, click HERE.

We’ll participate by placing and filling the last of our garden expansion for the 2010 season!

Other Developments – Summer Internships
Another exciting development in the garden is the beginning of our Summer Internship program.

We are partnering with an organization called Relevant Instruction for Successful Employment that teaches job skills to high school students. We will have ten interns working with us for the summer. Every Saturday from 10AM to 2PM they will work with us in the garden, tending beds and working on garden tasks. We will be having discussion groups on urban agriculture topics every Saturday, as well as hands-on work projects. Anyone who gardens at the Victory Garden is welcome to join in our discussion groups, to learn and share what you know about gardening. This promises to be an exciting new development for our project!

All in all, it’s an emotional time to be in the garden. Ah, spring!

Sooo…. I’ll keep you posted about the soil delivery, but let’s plan on this:
Community Garden at Kilbourn Park
Project Day
Saturday, May 29
Pot Luck – Bring a dish to pass!

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We Got Dirt!

YES! We Got Dirt in the garden!

So come on over tomorrow and we will:
1-Top off our existing beds
2-Do final placement on our new beds
3-Cut stakes and stake our new beds
4-Begin to fill new beds
5-Work on cutting up our remaining wood into 8-foot and 4-foot lengths

We will just do as much as we have energy and time for tomorrow. But hooray! The weather finally relented! We got our dirt!!!

Project Day
Saturday, May 22
10AM – 2PM
Pot Luck – Bring a Dish to Pass

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What a great Project Day we had on Saturday!

Our building crew descended on the pile of lumber that we had cut to 4-foot and 8-foot lengths. Armed with nail guns and energy they popped those frames together. Great job, Seth & father-in-law, plus Joshua Glover guys and other helpers as well.

The stacks of frames grew in the COA parking lot.

This part of the project seemed to be moving right along.

Meanwhile, over at the garden site, we started rolling out the landscape cloth.

This was certainly a different experience from working with the thin black plastic we used last year. Thanks to Merick Landscaping for helping us get this great material!

Ah, yes, LUNCH!

It’s amazing how good food tastes at the Garden Potlucks. It’s exciting to see all the change around us as we’re creating our new garden spaces, but we need to refuel and get our energy levels back up!

Okay, back to it. We want to get the beds moved onto the landscape cloth to anchor everything before we end our project day.

Our high tech measuring devices – incluing a length of clothesline – help us rough-place the beds.

Thanks to COA for the use of the pickup. So many groups and individuals help to make this project happen!

Everyone can help with this project.

Holding down the edges of the groundcloth as we place the beds is a very important job. Thanks, Nate!

Whew! Beds are placed, and we’re done for the day.

We got an incredible amount of work done… forty new beds built and placed in one project day! Great job everyone!

Our plans to get soil delivered have been thwarted by the weather for the last couple of weeks, but this week we should at last prevail.

We’ll work on getting wood chips delivered as soon as possible as well. We need some more on last year’s bed to see if we can get rid of the dreaded Creeping Charlie. And this year’s landscape cloth is much easier to work with, but the orange color is quite… distinctive. Wood chips will improve the overall garden ambience, I’m sure…

Let’s plan another Project Day next weekend…

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Despite some chilly rainy weather, we managed to make quite a bit of progress last Saturday.

Thanks so much to the Pathfinders kids who inspired us to get out there and work despite the clouds and cold. We worked on turning under our cover crop and prepping the beds for soil.

We also finished cutting all the boards to length for our 50 new beds – YAY Seth and Helpers All! We bought some nails and we’ve got nail guns and an air compressor (thanks again, Pragmatic Construction!). BUT, we’re under the weather again this week, and it looks like our first sunny day might be Friday, so it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to work much ahead of our project day coming up on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I’m sure you’re all wondering…

When The Heck Is Our Dirt Coming?
Again, it really looks like our next “window” of sunny weather will be this Friday, so we’re aiming for that. So our dirt to top off beds will finally be here for our project day on Saturday.

So we can top of the beds, and those of you with existing beds will be able to plant.

Meanwhile, we are gathering some troops to work on nailing the beds this weekend. Seth and Nichole are occupied elsewhere – Nichole is getter her Master’s, and this weekend is her “hooding” ceremony. Congratulations, Nichole! You are going to be an amazing nurse, if that’s what you choose.

So if you can operate a nail gun, come on out! We can use the help.

What’s Next?
Depending on how many people come out this weekend, we can also begin laying our landscape cloth and setting out and staking our new beds on Saturday. How exciting would that be? We’ll see how it goes.

We will have some beds available, so let people know they can still sign up for new beds. And here’s the info for the weekend:

Project Day
Saturday, May 15
10AM – 2PM
Bring a dish to pass
Bring gloves, shovels, garden rakes, wheelbarrows if you have them.

See you in the garden!

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Grrrr! Once again, the weather has prevented us getting our soil! The truck was set to go, but the rain has softened the lawn here so much that we’re concerned that the truck would get stuck when it dumped the soil.

So once again, we will have a soil-less project day this Saturday.

And to complicate matters further, it looks like this cold rain is going to make Saturday morning miserable. What to do?

Here’s what I suggest. It’s supposed to clear off and warm up later in the afternoon on Saturday. I hate to change plans at the last minute, but we really don’t want to be miserable as we try to work in the garden. Let’s try this:

New Plan for Saturday, May 8
3PM to 5PM
Team 1 – Work on cutting wood and assembling beds
Team 2 – Help mark out new garden expansion and lay down landscape cloth
Individual Work – Turn your garden plots

But what are we going to do about adding soil to top off our beds?

We will get our soil delivered as early as possible next week. We will leave some buckets out in the garden, and anyone who wants to top off their own beds from the soil pile may do so. We will also see if we can get some volunteers to help top off other beds.

Meanwhile, we will see if we can finish building the new beds and get ready to set them out at a project day on Saturday, May 15. Does that sound like a plan? I guess sometimes we just have to realize that the weather doesn’t cooperate with us, we need to cooperate with it…

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