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New Garden Photos

Last weekend’s rain and warmth have pushed our gardens to new levels of lushness. Here are some new photos – all our hard work is certainly paying off!

bean trellis
So many of you employed your imaginations to put up interesting trellises for your climbing plants. The plants are starting to cover them now, and they really look spectacular!

Garden gates, window bars, wood and wire, tree branches – what interesting shapes and mounds of greenery they make! I’ve seen little kids wandering through the gardens, gazing up at the plants. I can’t help but imagine the memories that are being made – of walking through a garden where the plants are taller than they are!

Food for the Soul
Check out this beautiful flower tower in the middle of the herbs and vegetables filling out the bed. Wow.

This bed is a collaboration among several young folks. What a great creation you have all made.

bus n corn
Beep! Beep!
How many of you have been out in the garden and had horn honks and shouts of appreciation from vehicles on North Avenue? It’s always fun to see a city bus pass by – every face is plastered to the windows, checking out the gardens.


Fall Greens Bed
This is the bed with the 250 heads of romaine lettuce for the Riverwest Co-op Cafe. The transplanted heads are kicking in nicely after the rains. Some red lettuce and buttercrunch on the far end are coming in a little later. This will be a nice bed where we can rotate fall greens crops – it will be interesting to see how late we can keep these crops coming in.

Anyone who is interested in adding a crop of fall greens – lettuces and arugula – let me know. There are lots of lettuces coming along in the Clarke Food Garden.


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